New Agreement for IG programs

Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF) Tahachal Kathmandu and 25 Community Organizations (COs) firmed and facilitated for proposal by Hill Development & Conservation Group Nepal have made agreement for different Income Generation (IG) programs. The total cost of agreement is Rs. 10 million 162 Thousand 129. In total cost 10% or Nrs. 1 million 16 Thousand 2 Hundred and 12 will be contributed by the Community Organizations themselves and remaining amount NRs. 9 million 145 Thousand 917 will be contributed by the PAF.

The proposal with aims to reduce poverty from 4 villages Bung, Chheskam, Gudel and Waku of Solukhumbu was developed by Hill Development and Conservation Group Nepal based on needs of community members. Most of the income generation activities are animal farming, small business and skill development activities.

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