Poverty Alleviation Programs

Hill Development & Conservation Group Nepal (HDCG Nepal) in financial support of Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF) has been working for Poverty reduction since 2008 in Bung, Chheskam, Gudel and Waku villages of Solukhumbu district in Nepal. Under this program HDCG Nepal has formed 25 Community Organizations (COs) that represent all backward communities such as indigenous, Dalits, women in targeted areas. Based on issues identified by the COs, HDCG Nepal has been working in following issues:

Income generation: Under income generation COs identify their issues relating to income generation such as small business, cultivation of cash craps, domestic animal farming etc. After issues identification the needed investment amount is forecasted and proposed to PAF with detail planning proposals. Based on needs, PAF distributes fund to local COs which is mobilized by themselves as saving and credit fund. It develops their capacities as well as contributes in their income generation. HDCG Nepal has invested at least NRs. 2,638,932.00 (Two million Six Hundred Thirty Eight Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty Two) for income generation programs. Directly in total 334 households in targeted areas are getting benefits for their income generations.

Infrastructure Development: Under infrastructure developments COs recommend for infrastructure developments such as road construction, drinking water construction, building construction, bridge constructions etc. Based on recommendations by local COs, HDCG Nepal develops details proposals with technical reports and submits to PAF. Based on needs, PAF provides fund to local COs and implemented by local COs. Initially HDCG Nepal has invested Rs.14, 148,098.00 (Fourteen Million One Hundred Forty Eight Thousand Ninety Eight) for 5 drinking water projects in targeted areas. By these projects at least 2502 people from 449 households are getting benefits directly.

Capacities Building: Under capacity building program COs identify their issues on capacities building such as needs of carpenter trainings, Cattle farming and management training, knitting and weaving training, kitchen garden trainings etc. Based on recommended training HDCG Nepal prepared detail proposals and submits to PAF. Based on needs PAF provides fund to COs for their capacity building trainings. HDCG Nepal has organized so many programs for Cattle farming and management trainings, knitting and basic weaving trainings and financial management trainings to 629 local persons in targeted areas.