Sustainable tourism solution report in Television

All 3 media Ghar a media house for tourism promotion in collaboration with Hill Development & Conservation Group Nepal has disseminated a tourism promotional report of Setipokhari valley of Solukhumbu in Sagarmatha Television. The issue covered by this report was needs of new trekking route construction from Setipokhari Valley to Muddi of Solukhumbu Chheskam.

By using four alternatives passes that are Amphulapcha pass 5800 m, Mingbola pass 5817 m, Sherpeni col 6135 m and Merala pass 5415 m, trekkers reach Setipokhari valley of Solukhumbu. For those trekkers who reach Setipokhari by using aforementioned four passes have just those alternatives to back out from the valley. In case of unfortunate snowing and in case of trekkers feel sick, they cannot cross these passes. In this situation they have to call helicopter rescue to come back from that valley. In case if helicopter cannot be sent or cannot be landed, the trekkers who needs to be rescue comes in dangerous situation.

The sustainable solution what the program team disseminated is to construct new trekking route from Setipokhari to Muddikharka Chheskam through the bank of Hunga River doesn´t passes any peaks. In this situation this route will be a rescue way for the trekkers and will create ecotourism activities in lower Solukhumbu.

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