• Conducted alternative income generation activities such as handicraft development trainings, veterinary programs, cook and lodge management trainings, allo processing and product development trainings.
  • Conducted trainings on NTFPs management in community forest areas and medicinal plants cultivation on over 5 ha. private land.
  • Conducted saving and credit programs in which over 1200 people of 500 households were benefited.
  • Formed 42 agricultural groups and provided agricultural seeds and fruits saplings to community through agricultural groups
  • Conducted saving and credit programs in which over 12000 people of 2500 households were benefited. We are still providing technical support for those programs.
  • Mobilization of Community Development Group(CDG), local women groups, Ama Samuha (M other’s Group), saving and credit groups where saving activities will lead to subsistence income generation activities of their own choices.