About Us

Hill Development and Conservation Group Nepal (HDCG Nepal) is a Nepali governmental organization. It was initiated some motivated youths of Solukhumbu district of Nepal to help the underprivileged people of the society especially the people of Bung, Chheskham and Gundel Village Development Committees. Considering the growing needs and demands generated through the increasing popularity of its social work. HDCG Nepal was officially registered as HDCG Nepal was officially registered as HDCG Nepal in 2056 B.S. of Solukhumbu district. It works in affiliation with the Social Welfare Council of Nepal, HDCG functions as a not for profit organization and is not based on any particular religion, ethnicity, or political party. It currently works with other non-governmental organizations in remote mountain areas to improve livelihood, to create awareness on sustainable conservation practices and to restore natural and cultural assets of the indigenous communities.


The vision of this organization is to contribute to an environmentally and economically sound Nepal where the remotest hills and mountains communities are equally integrated as active players and beneficiaries in the process.


To conserve and develop hills and mountain environment and culture through improved social status and livelihood.


To conserve environment through facilitating and implementing alternative sources of energy.

2. To build local capacities for natural resource management and provide opportunities to work and earn their livelihoods.

3. To support advocacy on critical issues faced by hills and mountains indigenous communities through outreach, awareness and education programs.

4. To support improved access to health, infrastructure, facilities to the hills and mountain communities.


1. Implementation of the programs through particularly approach and rights base approach to develop ownership among the communities and indigenous groups.

2. Implementation of programs through close coordination and collaboration with government and non-government organizations.

3. Mobilization of local women groups, Ama Samuha (M other’s Group) and saving and credit groups where saving activities will lead to subsistence income generation activities of their own choices.

HDCG Nepal’s planning and implementation cycle: